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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
11:33 am
I just rediscovered this community
while cleaning up my friends page.

The idea of spurring people to write music is something that I suddenly felt the urge to undergo. Unfortunately, while I might have musical ideas, I've got way to little time for anything other than my schoolwork at this point.

I'm currently waiting until I graduate to do anything interesting that's new.

But I'd like to say, my looking through my friends list and reading through the userinfo for this community reminds me of the really great idea here, which I might participate in someday.

I assume people'll take MIDIs or mp3 recordings of my playing stuff on the piano?
Friday, March 10th, 2006
9:56 am
fort minor
what other bands that sound like fort minor are out there?
Saturday, January 28th, 2006
9:18 pm
What's inside the lyrics? - songs_lyrics_ru
Новое сообщество по переводу иносторанных песен.

Sunday, November 20th, 2005
2:28 pm
HELP!!! Lifetime Channle.... Mom At Sixteen

ok... in the movie Mom At Sixteen (it was on last night on Lifetime Channle)... in the sense where the girl comes over to her somewhat boyfriends dorm (frat house, whatever) they start making out on the bed, then she say's "stop". (here is my question...)

what was the name of the song (or the artist) that was playing while they were making out?

it was a woman singer, sounded like Sarah Michelin (but i know it wasn't, kinda).

I've done research and i cant find it. it go's something like this (lyrics) ... :

"cause i feel you"

"yeah, i feel you baby"

its a slow song. emotional.


Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
11:15 am
11:12 am
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
11:41 pm
11:18 am
Damn that Soundclick
(cross posted to thepencilneck and songaweek

OK. So I guess Soundclick is out as a means of posting my tunes. It's been 9-10 months since I last used Soundclick and I forgot how often they go down. The good thing about Soundclick is that they keep usage counts of your tunes so you can see how many times they've been listened to. Which is cool.

But... it doesn't work 3/4's of the time.

So... here are straight links to the mp3's.


Hope you like them.
10:09 am
#02 - Luv My Babies
I'm going to cross post this to thepencilneck and to songaweek.

The second tune in the challenge...Collapse )

Current Mood: working
10:07 am
#01 - All Tapped Out
I'm going to cross post this to thepencilneck and to songaweek.

The first tune in the challenge...Collapse )

Current Mood: working
Thursday, July 29th, 2004
12:00 pm
50 Songs in 90 Days (Progress report)
To write 50 songs in 90 days, you have to write about 3.8 songs per week. I took the first few weeks off. At this point in the contest, I should have written about 14 songs or so.

I've written 8 full songs with some melodies and grooves partiall written and sans lyrics.

The titles of the tunes I've written so far are:

1. All Tapped Out - A blues tune. I got the title idea from the fact that I really didn't think I had that many more songs in me.

2. Luv My Babies - Another bluesy rock tune. It kinda reads like a stalker song but I really wrote it about my 3 new kittens. Our two adult cats were killed by coyotes last month and now we've got kittens.

3. Too Old To Rock And Roll - Just a little rant about how the biz is anti-age.

4. X-Ray Specs - I've liked the title of this for a long time and I finally used a groove I've been wanting to write something to for years now. I hesitated to use the title because an old 80's hair band had a tune called X-Ray Specs.

5. Keeping My Options Open - Blues rock. Tried to do something like Tracy Chapman's Give Me A Reason.

6. The Word Of The Day - Dance?? I'm having fun with the tracks for this one. I'm trying to do a dance version of this, which is alien to my existence. It's fun.

7. The Niche Song - Rock. Another departure for me. A song with no hook and an AAA song form with no bridges or chorus. But I feel like there's a lot of honesty in this one.

8. If It Were Up To Me - Rock. My militant agnosticism is showing.

The lyrics are here. I don't have any tracks recorded and posted, yet. I've got 3 of them started and I'll post them to Soundclick when they're done.

And that's where I'm at so far. (I'll xpost this to songaweek and thepencilneck)
Saturday, July 24th, 2004
12:19 pm
Hulloooooo? Anybody Home?
Does anyone actually read this group? I've been a member for about a year now and I don't think I've seen more than 3-4 posts to it.

Well, I'm participating in the 2004 50 songs in 90 days songwriting challenge (over on Yahoo groups). This will be the 4th year I've done it and I've completed it each year prior to this. Would it be inappropriate to post stuff about songs I'm writing for that challenge in this forum as well? Anyone want to join me?

Current Mood: optimistic
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
2:11 am
hey im a new membr of this community my name is jenny nd i sing nd write songs i've been singing since i was 9 nd i'v been writing songs since i was 11 i am now 14 nd i hav 49 songs so i feel like i got alot accomplished using my songwriting skills i evn take voice lessons which are fun 4 me i love them nd i can giv ne body ideas if sum1 needs help writing a song so just post in my Lj My Username iz yanksluver just post a comment in my journal leev me ur IM nd i'll get bak 2 u or post back w.e

Current Mood: hopeful
Monday, February 23rd, 2004
1:54 pm
Promotional Entry [cross-posted]

title or description

click here!!!!


-New Version of "I Thought she was Dead" featuring Pentabolt. Click above and check out the new remix!!!!!!

Artist InfoCollapse )

Just click the above photo and that will direct you to my mp3 site on PUREVOLUME.COM.

Support Independent Music + all all artists out there.

Thanks for listening and email me from that site.

It will be good to hear from fellow listeners. Thanx everyone.

Friday, January 30th, 2004
1:38 pm
Promotional Entry [cross-posted]

title or description
click here!!!!

I am promotioning my side music project.
I have been doing this for over a year and just got a new site to host some songs of mine to promote before the release of my upcoming work with Skip Frederiksen from Beauty's Confusion. The music is basically forms of trip-hop, minmial, and ambient, spoken word, poetry, you name it [the tracks you will find on the site] and so forth. I had previous success on mp3.com with over 3,000+ hits when the site shut down [which sucked] and a top 10 hit on the NEW WAVE charts of mp3.com. If you like Portishead, Mono, Massive Attack, Ursula Rucker, or any form of trip-hop or spoken word, I am right up yr ally.

Just click the above photo and that will direct you to my mp3 site on PUREVOLUME.COM.

Support Independent Music + all all artists out there.

Thanks for listening and email me from that site.

It will be good to hear from fellow listeners. Thanx everyone.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
12:10 am
This was soooo fun to create!

What to say, I'm schizophrenic, I love the marriage of dark and dreamy funkin grooves.

Enjoy and thanks for listening (if you happen to get a chance to that is)


Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
1:49 am
Two new "songs" on my Acid PLanet profile,Vibrational Dream


In Tense

and if you haven't already, check out Circular Dream

Enjoy and keep sharing the music!

Monday, January 5th, 2004
12:33 am
I've lurked long enough, here's one just for fun
..something I've been cobbling together over the weekend (still needs a fair amount of fine tuning, particularly the two small piano segments, minor errors perhaps). ..not really a song, per se, but a composition nonetheless (a film sorta groove? heavy on the loops and samples).

Circular Dream
Saturday, December 13th, 2003
2:52 pm
My two weeks are up, + a day.
Here is my second entry into this song-a-week dealy. I'm not very happy with it and in truth I started from scratch many times before I came up with this fairly lame cop out of an arrangement.

When I was playing with a fun little pop trio it was a lot easier to develop a song.

I definitely do better as part of collaboration than pretending I'm some sort of singular creative mastermind.

Well here yah go:

Bee like Beez

Comments and critiques welcome. Derision not required.

- Acidic
Friday, November 28th, 2003
1:31 pm
Intro and such

This is my first attempt at joining a community and the idea of writing a song a week was really compelling, so I joined this one.

I see that the most recent post on here is September 13th. Clearly, the goal of posting something at least every two weeks has fallen by the wayside. Thats unfortunate, because I can see that a lot of good work was put into previous entries. Better yet, a lot of good commentary made on those works. Its hard playing into the void and I'm sure those comments were helpful in keeping on 'keeping on', even when they were not glowing critiques.

I'm going to give the making a song every two weeks goal a shot. I might cheat a little and just make variations on songs that I like. For instance this tune and this tune are just variations on songs from the muppet show.

Anyways, since I'm a mad cheater, here is my entry for my first two weeks shittyday.mp3 . It is an original tune with canned looped parts, except for the vocals and guitars. Obviously things need to be tightened up a bit, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Any comments from those who are lurking would be appreciated. Better yet some more of your tunes would be appreciated.

- Acidic
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